A Day at the Cricket

A day at the cricket with Gilchrist Foundation supporters. (Report by Gary Ablett, Director and Chair of the Engagement Committee.)

 This has been a year of firsts for the Foundation. Most notable was our successful inaugural Gala Dinner in Ballina in October.

 Now I am pleased to tell you about Saturday at the cricket. Fortunately the trip was for the first day of play between South Africa and Australia. It was a beautiful cool day. On the bus trip we heard some cricket stories from Stan, Jeff’s history as a veterinary in Lismore and about Lismore moving forward after our catastrophe from Mayor Steve and councillor Andrew.

 I so much enjoyed the stressless day. No parking or worrying about where to go. Barney dropped us off near the entrance and we were led straight to our seats. Plus drinks were waiting for us and food was laid on all day.

 Now the cricket. Unusually we got to see the entire South African batting side and half of the Australian batters. Plus all of the amazing bowlers from both sides…soo fast! Stan and some others helped explain some of the finer points. I heard so many interesting cricketing and non-cricketing stories. 

 The day also featured a visit to our box by Adam who spared us some of his time in a break from commentating the game.

 In the box and on the bus I enjoyed the relaxed conversations about families, travels, local cricket experiences and Julie’s (our wonderful organiser) wide and varied interests and people she has met – including a new friend of the Foundation. Of course we can’t expect a Lismore group without some sad but inspirational catastrophic flood stories.

 It was such a good day out that it was inevitable that on the bus on the way back we resolved to organise more of these trips. We hope more of our supporters will join us. Some money was raised which will help our students but maybe more important was the comeradery amongst GF supporters. 

 Keep an eye on the website for the next trip and give us your suggestions. So far suggestions include AFL games at Gold Coast or Brisbane, the first NRL Dolphins game, a tour of a local automated dairy…..

 We hope to bring some of our students along for their pleasure and for you to meet them. 

 See you soon.

   Merry Christmas and a big welcome to 2023.