About the Gilchrist Foundation

We Find, we Fund and we Foster.

Gilchrist Foundation is engaged throughout Australia via our Tertiary Studies Program and our other welfare, educational and sporting activities.

Our mission is to assist disadvantaged youth to further their education and life skills including through financial assistance, active engagement and mentoring.

Our model will consider the value of partnerships with donors, the effects on, and opportunities presented to, our eligible youth, the effects on local communities throughout Australia and the contribution to society in general.

Our History

June and Stan Gilchrist

June and Stan met through their university studies, enabled because they had both been awarded Teachers’ College Scholarships. Stan said “We both became teachers. June taught English/History and later Special Education and I taught Industrial Arts and later Science/Agriculture. I was later promoted into the Schools’ Inspectorate.

“We both understand hardship and family sacrifice, but especially the importance of scholarships to enable education. We also experienced the value of engagement from caring and nurturing advisors.

“As a result of our background and life experiences we are truly dedicated to the vision and mission of Gilchrist Foundation and take great pride in the opportunity to be involved.”

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