Gilchrist Foundation educational values, philosophy and vision

We actively pursue our basic objectives:

  1. to establish educational opportunities for people under any form of disadvantage or disability.
  2. to provide scholarships, grants and financial assistance to such people to enable them to undertake tertiary studies at recognised institutions including TAFE organisations.
  3.  We will become recognised throughout the country as we acknowledge and emphasise the importance of participation by our communities and donors.
  4.  We encompass all aspects of the value of partnerships. This includes the effect of opportunities presented to our students, as well as the effects on local communities throughout Australia and the greater society.

    Gilchrist Foundation is establishing its brand throughout Australia, securing significant and perpetual funding for our Tertiary Studies Program with which we aim to support our students in their educational pursuits through financial assistance, interactive engagement, and mentoring.

Our mission is;
– to assist eligible students in furthering their education through financial assistance, and active mentoring.

Our model considers;
the potential outcomes of all opportunities presented to eligible students, the value of contribution from Donors, Foundation Friends and Corporate Partners, the effects we may have in multiple communities and our contribution to society in general

We Find, we Fund and we Foster.