An Engagement Interview with Sienna Loreto

Here is the latest report from our Engagement with Sienna.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Sienna at the Gilchrist home last week. She is a very well spoken young lady with clear goals and pleasant demeanor. Lachlan Crowther was also there and I think, helpful in welcoming Sienna into the Gilchrist fold. It is encouraging to see young people seeking careers to help others. 

 Sienna is in the nursing stream and we at GF will be helping her along the way. Her goal is to be a trauma paramedic, a first responder for people needing medical help. Her home situation has made it hard for her to progress. The GF is looking forward to giving Sienna both financial and mentoring assistance. We will keep you informed of her progress.” 

Gary Ablett – Chair, Engagement Committee.