Gilchrist Foundation Events

This note is to inform you about our Inaugural Gilchrist Foundation Gala Dinner.

  • It will be held on Friday 7th October this year
  • at Ballina RSL.
  • Three-course dinner, raffles, aboriginal theme and student introductions.

    Our special Guest Speaker is Harry Moffitt, former SAS soldier who completed eleven (yes, eleven) tours of duty in Afghanistan and then wrote an amazing book titled Eleven Bats. This is a story not about cricket but a life in service – the bats were merely a vehicle to his story!!!
  • To read Harry’s book is to live an extraordinary life side-by-side with a remarkable individual…and his family, friends and ‘brothers’. He ‘who dares wins’…and every so often one will write a book and tell you the bare honest truth of loss, love, recovery and perseverance.
  • To hear him speak is even more powerful.