Gilly Cricket Coaching School & Residential Cricket Camp

A residential cricket coaching clinic for cricketers, male and female, who consistently fail to be selected for representative teams, and those who are denied the opportunity for selection due to geography, finances or any other appropriate disadvantage.

All over Australia there are young cricketers who, despite commitment, enthusiasm, consistent practising and regular attendance at trials, never achieve selection in representative teams. There are also many young, enthusiastic cricketers who are disadvantaged by geography, financial constraints, physical or intellectual disability who will probably never be selected in regular representative teams. These are the players, both male and female, to whom this clinic will be directed.

What is involved

  • Accommodation:
  • Food:
  • breakfasts, lunches, dinners, morning & afternoon snacks
  • Coaching
  • Gear/equipment
  • Players: those who have personal kits to bring them.
  • Duration:
  • Proposed four days/three nights
  • Transport:
  • Geographically disadvantaged kids will be offered a subsidy
  • Participants:
  • boys and girls who regularly miss selection in local representative teams
  • kids who are physically or intellectually disabled but able to play to some level
  • boys and girls where there are no local competitions in which they can participate
  • Cost to participants:
  • Will not be a “total junket” so participants will be expected to pay a small fee.