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  • An Engagement Interview with Sienna Loreto

    Here is the latest report from our Engagement with Sienna. “I had the pleasure of meeting Sienna at the Gilchrist home last week. She is a very well spoken young lady with clear goals and pleasant demeanor. Lachlan Crowther was also there and I think, helpful in welcoming Sienna into the Gilchrist fold. It is…

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  • An Engagement Interview with Tya Lovett

    Hello Tya, First, how are you progressing with your UNE Studies? I have five units remaining before completing my Bachelor of Arts (extended major in Archaeology) at University of New England (UNE).  I am not enrolling in trimester 3 units this year (2021), rather applying for ‘Advance Standing’ for three of the five units: ARPA343_Archaeology…

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  • An Engagement Interview with Wendy Knight

    “Hi Wendy. I very much appreciated and enjoyed our conversation last Wednesday and hope we can do it again some time. I’ve written something short to introduce you to our Gilchrist Foundation website visitors. Here is my report of our meeting:  Wendy is a proud Aboriginal (Barkindgi) woman from Gamilaroi Country with an unwavering commitment…

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