Our Engagement Committee: is charged with the task of involving all stakeholders in all of the Gilchrist Foundation programs in such a way that the very best outcomes are achieved, and to the mutual benefit of all parties.

  • Engagement Officer: Gary Ablett. Has the primary responsibility to develop, communicate, implement and monitor the policy.
  • Committee members: Have the responsibility to assist, through delegated responsibilities, to develop, communicate, implement and monitor the policy.
    • June Gilchrist
  • Roles and Responsibilities will be determined by the Committee.

Our Resources: will include-

  • Data Bases:
    • comprehensive contact details of all students,
    • comprehensive contact details of all Corporate Partners and Donors,
    • comprehensive contact details of tertiary personnel (administrators, lecturers, teachers) involved in our programs,
    • comprehensive contact details of personnel involved as counsellors, nurturers, confidants, supporters, mentors,
    • comprehensive contact details within communities from which our students are selected, and
    • spreadsheets listing contact dates, content, outcomes.
  • Timelines and Schedules:
    • Timeline developed for the progress of every student from selection to graduation.
    • Timeline for student feedback and input into our whole operation.
    • Schedule for involvement of all additional stakeholders