An Engagement Interview with Karey Patterson

At a meeting to explore the formation of the Gilchrist Foundation, Karey provided the venue and the enthusiasm to move forward. His expertise in business and communication and his enthusiastic support for the Foundation were enough to give me confidence that we were on the right track. 

At a recent interview with Karey he offered me* some insight into his life:

When you were younger what job did you want or expect to have; how did that work out? 

I wanted to work in finance – I hated it!  I love the work I do and see creativity in the art of business and making new things.  Mostly it is a lot of fun.  The finance subjects I studied at university were helpful in my later life but also instructive in showing me that I didn’t want to do that work for a living.

 How did you get the job that you have now? 

By good luck!  I fell into self-employment about 25 years ago when I left working in the university sector.  I formed a series of businesses over the years and companies and my current company in 2012. We have shareholders, board etc. and my role has evolved from inventor to managing director and chairman of the board.  

Do you use techniques to keep yourself organized? 

I work to prioritise three things each day – anything more is great.  It can be hard to say no to work but that is an important skill and helps me maintain priorities.  

What relaxation techniques do you use?

I like taking my kids out on the river in my little boat.  I love riding bikes together as well.  Everyone is relaxed and a bit tired when we return.  So healthy and relaxing.

Do you have dreams or visions for yourself or Australia that you would like to share?

I would like to teach when I no longer do what I do.  Education is the key to transformation and I would like to help myself, others and our society through supporting access to the growth facilitated by education.

I would like to write a book of stories of my adventures as well.  If I could be granted one wish I would complete a degree in archaeology as I am interested in that too.

I know that you are very busy but what would you like to do with a 2-week vacation? 

I would love to return to France and Holland with my kids.  Vietnam has always beckoned too and I would love to explore Vietnamese food and culture.

Thank you Karey for these insights. We wish you well and hope you can get that holiday. We also thank you for your contribution to the Gilchrist Foundation. 


Karey Patterson is a founding member of the Gilchrist Foundation Board of Management.

Gary Ablett* is the Chairman of the Gilchrist Foundation Engagement Committee.