Responsibilities of Selected Players

  1. Obtaining an appropriate passport and visa.
  2. Being prepared to depart by 18th April, and to return by 15th September in the year of the scholarship.
  3. Obtaining at least Level 1 Cricket Coaching Accreditation through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
  4. Purchasing appropriate Travel Insurance.
  5. Supplying (preferably via e-mail) a clear photograph for publicity purposes.
  6. Undertaking work (no more than 6 hours per week) as agreed with The Hosting Cricket Club in exchange for a small payment to supplement the scholarship allowance.
  7. Playing in all agreed fixtures and seeking additional playing opportunities.
  8. Contributing to the development of The Hosting Cricket Club via coaching and public relations events as determined by the Hosting Cricket Club Liaison Officer.
  9. Furnishing a Final Report to Gilchrist Foundation no later than two months after the conclusion of the scholarship.