Gilchrist Foundation TAFE Scholarships

Our Foundation will fund scholarships for TAFE students who are deemed to meet our criteria of disadvantage. The students may be beginning or continuing students and will be nominated to Gilchrist Foundation by a selection process within the TAFE Colleges and assessed by the Foundation.

Criteria for selection of students

Students nominated must be considered disadvantage according to one of the following criteria:

  1. Geographical isolation
  2. Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Financial hardship
  5. Family trauma
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Medical issues
  8. Single parenthood
  9. Physical Disability
  10. Intellectual disability
  11. Other criteria agreed between the TAFE College and Gilchrist Foundation – such as ATAR, satisfactory progress (for continuing student) etc to be negotiated as appropriate.

Selection process

  1. The TAFE College involved will select qualifying new students or continuing students deemed disadvantaged according to the Gilchrist Foundation criteria.
  2. The selected students’ details will then be forwarded to the Gilchrist Foundation’s scholarships team for assessment.
  3. A Gilchrist Foundation assessment team will interview the nominated students in person or by electronic connection to award or reject the scholarship.


Selected scholarship awardees will be contacted by-

  1. a Gilchrist Foundation Engagement person who will establish and maintain the connection for the duration of the scholarship in an advisory and nurturing role.
  2. one of the Corporate Partners who sponsor the program. This is a two-way connection – the student acknowledging the Partner, and the Partner seeing the effects of the sponsorship.
  3. the Gilchrist Foundation Board via frequent Zoom connections or in person to ensure regular progress updates.


Scholarships will apply for the duration of the course of study provided that-

  1. satisfactory progress is maintained by the student.
  2. communication with the Gilchrist Foundation Engagement person is maintained, and
  3. the student meets requirements of reporting and advising of progress.