University Scholarship Application

Applications are invited for one of the Gilchrist Foundation University Scholarships. Submitting the form below will bring your wishes for a University Scholarship to the notice of our Tertiary Studies team and one of our Engagement Officers will contact you soon to further pursue your application.

You should be thinking about what you would like to study, where you would like to attend university. However, this is only the first step and we will certainly encourage you to keep pushing forward with this application.

  • Gilchrist Foundation Scholarships are offered at a number of universities. Each has its own scholarship application process. ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY APPLIED TO A UNIVERSITY WHICH OFFERS OUR SCHOLARSHIPS CAN BE CONSIDERED. Please list the University/Universities at which you will be or are studying.
  • Please outline the course description(s) and your current status (if already started) of your course(s). (e.g. how many units already completed, current enrolment and planned units.)
  • Our scholarships are all designed to offer relief to people suffering from underprivliege or disadvantage. To qualify for the award of a Gilchrist Foundation Scholarship you must meet at least one of the following criteria. Please check the one(s) which apply to you: