The Gilchrist Family

Although June and Stan were both from hard-working families they were both fortunate enough to receive scholarships enabling them to study at university, and both became teachers. (June and Stan are pictured in India.)
All four of their children were given opportunities to pursue their interests and all understand the importance of scholarships to enable educational or sporting opportunities.


What prompted the Gilchrist Foundation?

In 2019 I retired from an organisation that I had introduced and grown, starting from scratch in 2009. At a meeting mainly organised by our late friend Richard Doggett, it was strongly suggested that we should “establish a new, totally separate charitable entity to allow the other charity to move in whatever direction it wished. We should call it Gilchrist Foundation.”
Richard, who we had come to know very well in a short time, was inspirational as we moved forward, revealing incredible connections and achievements of which we were all in awe. He had, we gradually discovered, had a varied and successful life encompassing many administrative and organisational skills. We were gradually informed of many examples of true leadership – so we became inspired. We were making plans which would ensure that the future of our Vision (Richard’s vision?) and Mission were ensured.
Then came the crash when our dear friend was killed in a farm accident. We lost him! His family lost him! His friends and associates lost him!
So we are now left fully committed to growing Gilchrist Foundation, to meeting every Government and other mandatory set-up requirement and getting “our” vision and mission into place. We are determined that Richard’s vision and mission are never lost, and that disadvantaged and disabled people who want to have a chance to change their lives through an opportunity to attend tertiary education are given just that.